FireWire cards: Working OS X El Capitan install-package

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gorgamin: Join our facebook group: Dec 5, 2015 21:02:57 GMT *
gorgamin: Dec 5, 2015 21:03:45 GMT
garfin: Greetings. I have an educational project in Chile, SA. I need to record kid's songs for teaching english. All I have to work with is a DELTA OMNI I/O module. I have searched a ñlot May 26, 2016 23:46:57 GMT
garfin: & can't find any drivers for w7 x 64. I can't afford a newer device. Times are tough here. So if anyone sees this & has any suggestions they'll greatly appreciated. May 26, 2016 23:49:50 GMT
garfin: signe3d, a struggling musician in south america May 26, 2016 23:50:37 GMT
djkskrach7: Hey, new here. Has anyone found a work around for torq & el capitan? Jul 12, 2016 17:14:10 GMT
ddraiden: Help! I need to get this project mix I/O working and this new Sierra version won't support it. Mar 16, 2017 0:15:19 GMT
andrioman: Hey! I'm searching for a solution about M-Audio FireWire 410 running on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. Is there some drivers or anything I could use to run my card? Thanks a lot! Nov 16, 2017 10:55:24 GMT
stewartnecklace: I have a mac 10.6.8 and I'm trying to set up Vysex. I see the keys pressing in the editor but don't hear anything. Help! Jan 23, 2018 1:59:27 GMT
ecc83: Cannot see the usual "New Post" box so will start here. I have 2 2496 Delta cards, after installing Win 10 (and quickly going back to W7!) I have lost the old control panel. Does anyone have the original 2496 software and drivers please? Jan 30, 2018 8:45:19 GMT
drkewel: El Capitan Profire 2626 fix anyone? Feb 27, 2018 22:00:24 GMT *
ejg1964: Welcome everyone! Does anyone know that M-audio FW-1814 works under OSX 10.13.3? Any help in advance thanks! Mar 10, 2018 21:31:43 GMT
kazanim: Who can install M-audio FW-1814 driver R OSX 10.13.3? Apr 12, 2018 3:32:45 GMT
busyangel: Hi, I resisted upgrading my system software and finally had to ; now my m-audio firewire 410 interface isn't recognized running on a 2012 MacBook Pro, quadcore i7 ,16gigs Ram OS 10.13.6 High Seirra... logic x. Hows the updates coming along? Nov 19, 2018 5:55:21 GMT
brankodj: Hi. how can i use my M-Audio Ozonic on Mojave ???? Dec 23, 2018 9:14:31 GMT
michael: Is there a driver available for the solo to run on a late 2011 MBP running 10.13, High Sierra? Mar 20, 2019 13:19:10 GMT